Bon Voyage, my friend, may you always have a favourable tide

Sailing on the ocean green, that’s oh, so wide

With the dolphins always as your guide

Leading to adventures on the other side

Bon Voyage, my friend, in distant lands, may you explore

But please stay safe, this I implore

Maybe a glass of wine you will pour

But you’ll have lots of fun, of that I’m sure

Bon Voyage, my friend, please don’t lose your way

Even if your GPS goes astray

So please don’t think you have to stay

Just stay the course, this I pray.

Bon Voyage, my friend, may there always be wind in your sail

And you find your destination without fail

I hope your senses don’t rail

And laughter always assail.


Sail away my friend with a joyous heart

With a suitcase of dreams you’re ready to start

And a lifetime of wisdom you seek to impart

So, bon voyage from your friends, you depart.


Bon Voyage! I hear you’re having a holiday

Boy Voyage! I hear you’re going away

Bon Voyage! But don’t go astray

Bon Voyage! Eventually come back I pray


Happy journeys to you

May your days be sunny and blue

Remember your hat and sunscreen, too

For you don’t want cancer too


Bon Voyage, my friend it’s time to sail away

Remember your sunscreen it’s your best friend today

So, enjoy your holiday, enjoy the thrill

May your enjoyment be strong, and your SPF be stronger still.


May trees always line the roads

Of your travels abroad

May you always have adventure

And never get bored

May the sun shine on your back

And a gentle breeze blow in your face

As you journey

From place to place

So it’s happy journeys

And Bon Voyage, too

May the days be sunny

And the skies always blue.


Bon Voyage and safe travels, my friend

As you journey on your way


Safe travels to you wherever you roam

Remember your suitcase is really your home

Life is one long adventure, my friend

And, to you, best wishes, I send.


Bon Voyage, my friend, off you go

Where the sun is warm and the breezes blow

May your baggage be light and your sunscreen strong

And your sense of direction never go wrong

May your destinations be slick

And your journey there be quick

May the mountains you climb

Never leave you tired

So, bon voyage, with a grin and a cheer,

Discover new horizons far and near.

May your journey be merry, your memories grand,

As you explore this world, so vast and grand!


My travels around the World are infinite

And all I see is mine

But this lasts for just a minute

As I step over the borderline.

As I go on this odyssey

Like Alice Through the Looking-glass

All kowtow to me

But it never, ever lasts