Mothers Day Poems

Mummy dear thank you

For filling my world with love

And also for giving me

The Moon and stars above

Thank you also

For loving me with grace

For cheering me up

And wiping the tears from my face

For picking me up

And cleaning my bloody knee

But most of all

The love you gave to me


Now that I am fully grown

I think back on my childhood

And how i progressed

Into adulthood

And how your nurturing hand

Took mine in tow

Lead me through life

Learning important lessons and so

I take this time to say thanks

For each and everything

All the things you do for me

And all the love you bring


On Mother's Day each year

I take the time to thank you

For all love you give me

And all you say and do

I am so glad you're my mother

Your love is so full of Grace

And because of who you are

You know I think you're ace


I can hardly understand it

And yet I know it's true

I don't know how you found the time

To do the things you do

I don't know how you put up with me

And all the thing I did

Always acting selfishly

When I was just a kid

You were my doctor, teacher, referee,

Confidant and friend

Advie counsellor

When my heart needed to mend

It always was one-sided

Yet youb always sowed me grace

There's one thing left to tell you

Mum I think you're ace

Mothers Day Poems and Verse

I'm glad you're a Christian

In many special ways

Sharing with me the fruits of the spirit

Every single day

You demonstrate love and grace

What else can I say

Except that I wish you the best

On this Mother's Day


My wife, mother of my children

You've made me truly blessed

By sharing with me all care and love

And never stopping to rest

Always thinking of others

No time for yourself

Pushing yourself continually

Always offering to help

I'd like to take the time right now

I've something special to say

I'm so glad that you're my wife

Have a happy Mother's Day


Mothers Day Poems

Mummy dear mama I love you

Just like you love me

I want to be with you always

One big happy family

I love the way you hug me

I love the way you care

I love the way you kiss me at night

love your always there

Mummy you know I love you

And on this special day

I’m so glad you’re my mummy

Happy Mother’s Day


Mother you know love you

Despite the things I say

When I’m tired and angry

Or it’s been a frustrating day

But being a mum is worse

I’m sure there’s been many a time

When I’ve been nervous in back rooms

But all in all, I love you

Not much more can I say

Except that to take the time

Wishing you Happy Mother’s Day


On mother’s day I recall

All the things you did for me

Picking me up when I fell down

For patching a grazed knee

For reading to me in bed at night

And helping me with my prayers

Wiping away my tears and fears

And easing all my cares

Helping me grow up to the

The man I am today

With Christ in me and me in he

Following in his way

For all these things

Much more I say

Thank you and have a

Happy mother’s day


Mothers Day Poems

Thousands of things you have done

And many more I can’t recall

The special things you did for me

Regardless of how small

Always working on unthanked

I know I’m truly blessed

On mother’s day I plead with you

Take some time for rest


When I think of you

The worst just seemed to flow

So write to you on mother’s day

Because I wanted you to know


My wife, my doting soulmate

My life is truly blessed

For all the women in the world

I'm married to the best

Never stopping, always working

Always with a smile

It doesn't matter what you're doing

You're always doing it with style

And what is Mothers' Day to you

Again and again I say

Thank you for the joy you bring

Have a special day.