Funny Poems

Now they've hit the teenage years

Their moods swing high and low

One moment they shower you with love

The next the expletives flow.

Not one, not two but three we have

All at different ages

And now for us to go out in peace

We have to put in their cages.

All they need is tenderness and love

And a good listening ear to hear them

For no matter what they try to do

It takes great patience and love to rear them


Do you know the story of the boy and the wolf

For my children surely do

Knowing if they cry wolf to oft

They'll end up in a stew

It took a long time for my kids to learn

They kept crying wolf too often

On and on, "Wolf" they cried

But my response didn't soften

The one fine day they finally got it

They didn't cry wolf and so

But they dashed my hopes when they nodded and said

"I was eaten by a wolf once, you know


Your kids’ feet are getting bigger,

I hear the neighbours snigger

Won’t be long, they’ll just wear the box

On the outside of their socks.

They have the biggest feet in town

Makes people laugh and call them clown

But if they stopped and really cared

They wouldn’t find the need to stare

They live with them each and every day

That’s why they’re special in a unique way

I’ve never wished their feet were small

For it’s better to have big feet than none at all