Easter Poems and Verse

Can't you see him there

Hanging on the tree

Don't you understand

What he's done for you and me

Took the sin of the world

Upon his tired shoulders

Then they took his body

And hid it behind the boulder

Then on the third day

What did they find

Nothing was left

Only the shroud was left behind

Now because he rose again

In heavenly have a friend

Waiting to let us in

When time is at an end


Here Comes the Easter Bunny

Hopping through your town

Then you'll find on Sunday morning

The eggs he has left around

Pink ones and blue ones

Solid ones and hollow

If you can pick out his path

Then you'll be able to follow

But he only comes to kind and gentle

To those who truly believe

Because it is true and everyone knows

You have to believe to receive


He came to the world

That to give us hope

And because of this

We now can cope

But we must remember Easter

The time when he was crucified

To all assemble his life had passed

That his mission failed and died

But three days later he rose again

And walked among the living

Sharing with his friends

And preaching eternal giving


Easter eggs are made of chocolate

In different colours and sizes

When they wake on Easter morn

For kids still be surprises

The only day they eat too much

Seldom getting sick

Must be something in this Easter chocolate

That really does the trick


Easter Poems

Easter morning's coming

Filled with chocolate eggs

Easter bunny's coming

Hopping on tired legs

Will she make it all the way

Will she make it through

I'm sure you'll find on Easter morn

Eggs of every hue

Easter Poems and Verse

He took on the burdens of us all

With his death upon the tree

Freed us from sin and death

That day at Calvary

Rose he again the following Sunday

Three days had surely passed

Rising again to save the world

Showing a love that will always last.


Easter eggs! Easter eggs!

Give to him that begs!

For Christ the Lord is arisen.

To the poor, open door,

something give from your store!

For Christ the Lord is arisen.

Those who hoard, can't afford -

moth and rust their reward!

For Christ the Lord is arisen.

Those who love freely give -

long and well may they live!

For Christ th Lord is arisen.

Eastertide, like a bride,

comes, and won't be denied.

For Christ the Lord is arisen.

Russian Easter Carol


The Easter Bunny's coming

I hear the children say

Bringing lots of Easter eggs

To have on Easter day

She carries coloured eggs

Red, green, yellow and blue

Some with little spots

Some with mixed colours too


This Easter Day lets spend some time

Thinking of the reason

For having fun this weekend

This special holiday season

Is it for the eggs and chocolate ?

Or for the bunny handsome?

Or is it for Christ's love?

And how he paid our ransom


May all the joys of

this glorious season

be yours.

Happy Easter


Easter Poems

What was special about the cross

Why did he die on the tree

Giving up his life like that

For the like of you and me

Gasping his final breath

Ensuring God's will was done

Obedient 'til the very last

Until the victory was won


He heard the mocking cries

Come down from the cross

But he had a wondrous purpose

To save a world that's lost

To save the likes of you and me

Take courage in the fact

Rest assured with passing of time

One day he'll be back