Fathers Day Verse


You know I could never understand

That when I went to cross the road

You took me by the hand

And likewise

When I screamed at night

You Came in

And held me oh so tight

Despite my imperfections

You held me up above

All Others and You

Showered me with love


When I grew up

You Were Patient and Kind

Teaching me how to nurture my body

And how to nurture my mind

You were always there for me

Despite my shortcomings

Never, Ever Holding Back

Love always forthcoming

On this you're very special day

I say this to you

Love you gave I mirror back

All the way to you


How many Fathers does it take to change a light bulb

None because you're a beacon in the dark

A light that always guides the way

Oblivious to all remarks


Fathers Day Poems

I'm so glad that you’re my father

And all the things we did

But at the time I was selfish

A most ungrateful kid

But now that I am grown up

I appreciate what you taught me

Though you thought I wasn’t listening

And thought I didn’t see.

Fathers Day Verse and Poems

You taught me many things

About life and what it Means

You were always there to guide me

No matter how hard it seemed

Dad, you are my hero

The most important man to me

More important than all the men

In sport or on T.V.


You make me feel protected

The way you always care

Your guidance and your friendship

The way I know you’re always there

And now that I have grown up

And have children of my own

I always try to guide them

With the values that you’ve shown


My Daddy is so special

He always plays with me

Even when he’s tired

And rather watch today

My Daddy is so special

A real life superhero

Compared to all the other Dad’s

They’re just a big fat zero


My father taught me how to read

And also how to write

He also stayed up with me

When I was scared at night

My father taught me what was wrong

And also what was right

Taught me how to avoid the dark

And always walk in the light

My Father’s really special to me

A saint that’s here on Earth

I never knew until he was gone

Just how much he was worth

_________________________________________________________________Fathers day poems

My Dad and I share a special bond

A bond that can’t be broken

A bond surpassing all others

A love that was unspoken


I remember years ago at the beach

You led me along the sand

Even when the waves come crashing down

You never let go my hand

But even now with time gone past

You’re still there to lead the way

Guiding me along that treacherous path

So I never stray


Dad, I know you’re watching over me

I know that you still care

Even though you’re long gone

I still feel you there

I treasure our time together

And all the things we did

The good times and the bad

When I was just a kid


I can hardly understand it

And yet I know it’s true

I don’t know where you find the time

To do the things you do

It was always one sided

And yet you always showed me grace

There’s one thing left to say

Dad, I think you’re ace


Fathers Day Poem

On Father’s Day I recall

All the things you did for me

Teaching me how to ride a bike

And helping me climb a tree

For reading to me in bed at night

And helping me with my prayers

Wiping away my tears and fears

And easing all my cares

Helping me to grow up to be

The man I am today

With Christ in me and me in he

Following in his way

For all these things

And more I say

Thank you and have

A fantastic Father’s Day