A Time For Rhyme

A collection of greeting card verses and poems.

A Time For Rhyme
Welcome to A Time For Rhyme: A collection of Greeting Card Verses and Poems which brings you a large selection of card verse designed to give you things to say in life or relationships.When you don't have the words at hand to express yourself to the people you care about let us take the worry out of finding that special verse. The verses found on this site are free to use on your greeting cards. Whether it's blank or if you want to add some extra style to a printed card. The verses could also be printed out and given to someone special in your life. This site covers a range of topics from Anniversary to Birthday, Love and Friendship, Religious events, Birth and Christening and many more.I will be contiunally adding to the site. So bookmark it and come back again.

Santa's Mishap

  •   20/11/2023 07:14 AM

Santa and The Reindeer

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Politically Correct Santa

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Santa's Christmas Accident

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