Valentine Poems and Verse

Roses are red

Violets are blue

You fill me full of love

And I give it back freely to you


On this special day

Each time of year

My thoughts go out to you

Full of worry and fear

Not sure if you share my love

Not sure if you share my feelings

All I know we share something special

And we share these moments fleeting

So my Valentine I'll be true

Whatever tomorrow brings

And hopefully you'll profess your love

And make my heart and soul sing


Valentine, Valentine

Say you'll be mine

Valentine, Valentine

Just give me a sign

For Valentine, Valentine

If your love is true

Valentine, Valentine

My heart is true, too


Roses are red

And so my heart bleeds

It's just like I said

It's your love that I need

Violets are blue

That reflect my souls mood

You know my heart's true

Your love's my heart's food

Sugar is sweet

You know you are too

I'll love you forever

Now I know your heart's true


You to me are everything
Everything that's good
I'd like you to be my Valentine
If only you would


Hand in hand side-by-side
We travelled through life together
Friends and lovers we will be
You'll be my Valentine forever

I bless the day I met you
I give thanks in every possible way
You to me are very special
On this Valentine's Day

I love you oh so much
I know you love me true
I promise I'll be your Valentine
If you would be mine too


Hey you- you're often on my mind
I always have such pleasant thoughts of you
You bring me so much happiness and joy
Those that lift me up are so very few.

On Valentine's Day I want to tell you this
Knowing you is an extraordinary pleasure
Your caring heart always so quick to give
You're unique, a rare and very special treasure