Sympathy Poems and Verse

I write this verse

Because I know you mourn

The loss of a loved one

So sad forlorn

You were together

For so many years

Now you face the future

Through lonely tears

Don't be disheartened

Remember I care

When all else are gone

I'll still be there


Death is so final

From which you can't come back

Crossing over to the other side

Your thread on life goes slack

What happens next

Jesus gave us a clue

Follow his example

You will live again too

Free of all life's encumbrances

Brand-new life and body

Especially for you and always

Worshipping the one so Holy


How did he fare

That day he breathed his last

Did he finally find

Forgiveness in his past

The Lord has said

It's never too late

Come to me and ask

To cleanse my life's plate

So when you finally face him

On the day of final judgement

Remember you have an advocate

With Jesus the incumbent


Up until he breathed his last

We weren't sure that he would go

He had been sick so long

He always got well and so

It came as a surprise to me

When he finally went

But which way he did his soul go

I hope it was heaven sent


And now you're gone

It's an arrow through my heart

I don't know how I'll survive

Not now that you're departed.

But survive I know I must

Though not looking toward tomorrow

Remembering the good times we had

Tinged with heavy sorrow.

Sympathy Poems and Verse

Your mortal life is at an end

And your spiritual life has started

Going on to blaze the way

Now that you're departed.


The preacher said it's over

Your soul has gone away

But he doesn't know our love

How in my heart you'll stay

Though you're gone

I feel you here, though not in the usual way

To your spirit I make this plea

Close by my side please stay.

_________________________________________________________________Sympathy Poems

How many years were we together

How many years did we survive

How many years didn we live and love

How long were you part of my life

And with your parting I will cherish

The time we've spent together

How we promised each other

We'd love each other forever.


Life is so fleeting

Death is so complete

On day, dancing

The next, under someone's feet

I know I'll miss you

Now you're gone

Makes me wonder

How I'll carry on


Now you're taken from this life

A new journey you have started

This final journey we can't share

Now that you've departed

But ashes to ashes

And dust to dust

Remember I love you

On that you can trust.