Wedding Poems

I could have said right from the start

What a special couple you’d be

Now as you stand in front of us all

Everyone else can see

With faces aglow with that special love

That comes from the joining together

The man and woman committing themselves

To a wonderful lifetime forever


We wish you joy

We wish you pleasure

Married life together

Like finding hidden treasure.


Wedding Poems

May your life together be like today

No matter how hard it seems

Always think back to your Wedding Day

And remember all your dreams

But keep your eyes on the future

And make your plans together

Because shared plans are special

And they always last forever


The finest thing in life you’ll find

Is the joining together of husband and wife

Pledging your wedding vows together

To last for all your life

On this your special day together

It all seems a surrealistic trance

Spending time with family and friends

And leading them in the dance

And, no, not just the wedding waltz

But the whole wedding celebration

Champagne, cakes, speeches and all

Thanks for the invitation


What makes a marriage special

Two wondrous people

Pledging their vows together

Beneath the church steeple


I hope your marriage is like a fairy tale

With a happy ever after

Sharing your lives together

Amid much joyous laughter.


After you wedding and all through your life

May your love remain strong

As you head out on the highway

That you journey along


I couldn’t think of a finer pair

That I would like to toast

Sitting there so much in love

Arguing over who loves the most

So charge your glasses and raise them up

And drink to the happy pair

Who on this, their special day

Can relax without a care


Congrats and best wishes

On this day you said “I do”

Promising to each other

That your love would always be true

You said it in front of witnesses

In front of family and friends

Vowing to remain together

Until the very end


Your day has come
It's your day of last
It's time to forget
All those lonely days passed

Together you'll join paste that
That together as one
Enjoying your life
For ever in the sun

On this your special wedding day
I wish you the best and good cheer
Knowing full well
This wedding is without peer


oh happy, happy day
Today is the day of your wedding
Joining together exchanging vows
And also exchanging rings

After the service
There will be a Feast
The like of which has never been seen
By persons alive or deceased

So rush off to the Church
And there you'll say "I do"
But you must remember this
I send best wishes to you

You Look so Beautiful
Walking down the aisle
Coming down to greet me
With that always loving smile

First sermon than the singing
Then we'll say I do
Pledging to spend our lives together
With our love is so true

The exchanging of the ring
Then the signing of the book
Cramping all the wedding party
Inside the tiny nook

Happy Matrimony
Because we can really tell
You are both caught in the web
Of each other's spell

A feeling so loving and warm
You put each other first
My prayer for you is simple
Don't let the bubble burst

On this your joyous wedding day
I hope you’ll remember forever
The vows you’ve made and promises
But bind you both together

His special day that’s all your own
The day that’s full of bliss
Shared with family and with friends
A day full of love and gifts

Greatest gift you receive today
It’s one especially for you
It’s the love that’s shared with the Lord above
A love that’s wholesome and true