Teacher Poems

Thanks for being my teacher

For teaching me how to read

For teaching me how to write

For learning you planted a seed

A seed on which you watered

With patience and care

A teacher like you

Is oh so rare


School can be a scary place

Also a place of great learning

Once you find the seed is sown

There'll always be a yearning

And this yearning you instilled in me

Filled me to the brim

Always helping me out

You went out on a limb

So I say thank you with this verse

Thanks for all you've done

I know I'll still remember you

When all my school days are gone


When I started school

I was so small and scared

And after everyday my mother

Asked me how I fared

And I got you as a teacher

I thought I hit jackpot

All the bad stuff from before

You know I soon forgot

You taught me my ABCs

And also my 123's

And when I had troubles

You set my mind at ease


I'm glad that you're my teacher

I'm so glad I'm in your class

As a role model I feel inspired

To do more than just pass

You help me reach my goals

I love the way you teach

Planting a seed of curiosity

Helping me to dream and reach

Teacher Poems and Verse

Being a Teacher must be hard work

Especially with me

Always having to watch your back

To foil some evil deed

But the way I act

Is not the way I care

Because a teacher like you

Is awfully rare


Thank you (###) for all you've done for me

For teaching me all I need

For faithfully helping me

Gently planting the seed


Teaching's not like it used to be

These days there's lots of rules

Praise the hardworking

Admonish the fools

Teaching these days

Is about giving children rewards

Continual praise

And numerous awards

No more is it right to strap

Or use a giant stick

Berate the lazy

Or give a great big kick


You were a fascinating teacher

You always taught me well

Never ever giving up

Even I gave you hell

But now that I have grown up

I realise my friend

You always gave me what I needed

So this Christmas Card I send


Dear Miss (****)

I thank you that you were there

Helping me each day with things

And showing that you care


I hope your life is filled with joy

This year when school is finished

Have a solid break these hols

So all your batteries are replenished


Thank you for being my teacher this year

And everything you've taught

To show you just how much I care

This card is made not bought