Divorce Verses and Poems

when the bubble has burst

And the passion cooled down

And you finally find your family

You don't want to be around

maybe things will get better

But the love has long gone

You think it might be better

To start moving on

no time to mess around

It's time to act smart

Move yourself to some place else

Make a brand-new start


Divorce and death are final

Of these facts I'm sure

They Are like a Cancer

Of which there is no cure

But once the love is gone

Is it best to stay Around

While waiting for another love

To finally be found

but you have a responsibility

To hold on to your vows

A duty to the very last

A duty to your spouse


Whether three years or 23

Divorce is always hard

Especially for the children

Whose love you have to guard

There's the property to share

And child payments to be made

Custody hearings

And sharing agreements to be made

Even the simplest divorce

Can become very complex

Who owns what and who owns who

Is guaranteed to vex


Divorce Poems


Seems so short for the time we spent together

WE always thought that when we were married

Our lives we'd share forever

NOw that seven lettered word

Echos those seven tortured years

And now's the time to split apart

Despite our lonely tears

Divorce Verses and Poems

WE've been together for so long

And through so much

But I no longer love you

And I recoil from your touch

Sadness and woe follow me now

AS I view my life without you

But this is how it must be

Because I know you feel it too


You were so happy

So many years ago

You thought you could change him

Without much to and fro

But he's the same now

As he was before

Thinking only of himself

Not your heart he tore

Always going out

And getting on the sauce

So this I wish for you

Have a great divorce


How many years must a man be married

Before he realises his mistake

Nowthere's nothing left to do

But part for both their sakes


I woke up in the morning

And I realize you're finally gone

It's the first day of the rest of my life

Only light now where the darkness shone

And that light that has finally shone

Shines a light to bright to see

Finally apart we can get on with our lives

THis time I'm finally free


Why is life so difficult

Why did we call it quits

Now the love is gone

From where we once sit

I sincerely wish you happiness

For your brand new start

Knowing that it's best that we

Are living far apart