Depression Poems

When you're low and and blue

And feeling deep despair

Just close your eyes and think of me

Remember that I care

When your body is exhausted

Down and depressed

Your senses feel numb and

So damned depressed

I know it's so hard

And my thoughts go out to you

But I know that you'll get through

Just as I did to


I feel so low

I feel so blue

Don't know what

I'm going to do

Don't know how long

This feeling will last

So hard to cope

I hope it soon passed

Until that day

I'll stay in bed

Doing little

Depression through my head


When you're low and blue

Can't get out of bed

When you find

The depressed ideas in your head

When you can't understand

And think you're going mad

Just remember your not

You're really really sad


Help me out, help me out

Of this deep deep well

Help me out

I stand up and yell

Not a literal well

But one of my own making

In which my mood is dark

And my spirit is aching

So help me out now

Through my fragility

Help me to find

Some kind of normality

Depression Poems

No one knows how I suffer

No one knows how it feels

No one knows of the anguish

And how much of my life it steals

No one really notices me

No one gives a damn

They don’t see this sadness inside of me

Or how depressed I am

They say there’s relief if I pray

They save there’s peace with the Lord

They don’t know how I’m feeling

And how I’d rather fall on my sword


Why do I walk around here

Pretending I’m something I’m not

With all these demons inside me

My mind is starting to rot

Then I hear the word of grace

This sets my spirit three

How the Lord the giver of live

Laid down His life for me


Sadness overcomes me

And depression starts to win

No one knows the torture

Or the anguish I am in

Trying to get by each day

Not knowing how to start

Depression has its hooks in me

In my head and in my heart

But I know that this won’t last

I guess I’ll just have to try

No matter how painful it is

I know that I’ll get by


The long it lasts the more I succumb

The painful feelings inside

Shutting away the dark memories

From which I try to hide

But on and on it last and lasts

I know my heart must cry

I don’t think I can survive

It feels like I must die


The how deep is deep

How much further can I go

All around me it’s so dark

Where I am I don’t know

I know that you call me

I listen for you all voice

But all I can hear is

Background noise

Soothe me soothe me

Just bring me some peace

Please Lord save me

I beg of you please


What can I say

To someone who’s down

All I can say is friend

You know I’ll be round

I know how you will feeling

And I’m thinking of you

Depression’s no stranger

Cause I’ve been there too

Someone once told me

That faith is the key

Trust in the lord

And he will set you free


Depression Poems

You can’t bear to hear it

So I won’t say it to you

Lift up your head, keep living

Is the statement you roux

Why can’t they understand you

The problem’s so plain

When they see sunshine

All you see is rain

But strengthen your heart

For all is not lost

I’ll stick by you

Whatever the cost.