Your work life’s over there’s nothing you’ll miss
In a hammock you’ll swing in bliss
No more morning alarms, no more traffic
No more searching for the ultimate graphic.

No more will you go to meetings grim
Just the golf clubs, bowls or gym
Your time is yours to do what you want
No more office for you to haunt

And now your time is up and the day is nearly done
It’s time that you took your leave, it’s time that you were gone
So, raise glasses and we wish you good cheer
Now get the heck out of here


I hear that your leaving , you’ll finally be gone
Retirement’s here, work is over and done
No more office stress, just relaxation real slick,
Golf clubs or fishing rods you can take your pick

But maybe a grey nomad is more your style
So, you might be gone for quite a while
Parking your van wherever life takes you
Lost with your partner under the sky so blue

But it won’t be long for you’re leaving today
There’s nothing left for me to say
Except for good luck and goodbye
Now, sever your office ties.


I heard you’re leaving us today
There’s nothing left for me to say
As there’s no reason for you to stay
So goodbye and be on your way


The time has come, you’re retiring at last
Time to think about the times of the past
But not too long let’s look ahead
To the times to come when you stay in bed

So, we wish you a long, healthy life to come
Live at leisure, forever in the sun
At long last we’ll give you a wave
And pray there’s many years before the grave.


Work is finite but retirement’s forever
I hope you achieve all that you endeavour
And our relationships ties you don’t sever
And seeing you again, never.


As we pause and gather ‘round the water fountain
I can see the days ‘til your retirement you’re counting
Now, it won’t be long you say as a must
When you’re gone, we won’t see you for dust

You’re busy planning all your trips and travels
Nights at the club with endless meat raffles
Everything’s done there’s nothing left to do
Except say goodbye and good luck to you.


Retirement’s here, it’s your time at last
Time to retire your thoughts to the past
No more nine to five, no deadlines to meet
Your work is all over, your time is complete.

Time to savour life’s moments together
I hope that your days are always sunny weather
Retirement’s a chapter, a new one to write
And after work’s finished it’s bound to excite

So, here’s to days of leisure and ease
Retirement’s a gift that you can seize
Spending your days in endless sun
Now that your busy work days are done.


Here’s to endless coffee breaks my friend
Your retirement’s here may it never end
No more boss' voice or alarm clock to heed
Just sunny skies and a glass of wine’s all you will need

And as you sail into serenity bay
You’ll find you’ll have so much more time to play
Out on the golf tee I’ll find you’re reserved
Enjoy your time for it’s so well deserved

So, when the dust has settled and you’re finally gone
Will we find you in the “Great Outdoors “, the endless sun
For retirement’s like a permanent vacation
Acquired bliss and well-earned relaxation


May your nap times be legendary
And a golf bag the ultimate accessory
Enjoy your days out in the sun
And I will see you ever and anon.