16 Aug

The dog threw up
The kids are ill
Our bank account
Is almost nil.

The laundry's
Stacked up in a pile
And I haven’t used the iron
In quite a while

The dishes are
Stacked up in the sink
We’ll have to buy new glasses
If we want to have a drink

The grass is long
The edges overgrown
I guess that’s what happens
When it doesn’t get mown

The car is up on blocks
The door is off its hinges
And every time the postman comes
I’m sure he really cringes

And now
My in-laws have come to stay
It’s their idea
Of a holiday

But apart from that
Everything’s great
And to you
These things I state

For fifteen years, now
We’ve been married
And in our hearts
Our hopes we’ve carried

I've only one thing
Left to say
That’s how much I love you
On this our Anniversary day

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