16 Aug

I know you love me
And I love you, too
Nothing is as straight
Or as true

We live our lives
One day at a time
And it’s this time of year
That I’m glad your mine

Today is so amazing
A gift that is clear
That one special day
That comes once a year

So I’ll go on wrinkling
And you’ll go on greying
As long as it is ‘I love you ‘
Is what we are saying

Happy Anniversary


Today is so special
It comes once a year
A time to celebrate
Your lives full of cheer
Happy Anniversary


You’re such a special couple
And since the day you were married
Your hopes and dreams
In your hearts you have carried


Happy Anniversary
We’re a special couple
Thirty years on
And we’re still
In the Honeymoon bubble

Yes, thirty years down
Yet it only seems like days
And the only difference
Is our hair’s full of greys

So once again
I send my best wishes
With lots of love
And hugs and kisses


To a special couple
Have a special day
I hope you celebrate it
In your own special way

I know times have been tough
But you’ve seen it through
Relying on each other
And your love, oh, so true

So, it’s time to relax
And let down your guard
Because you’ve made it now
Through times so hard

So Happy Anniversary
This message I send
With all my love and best wishes
Hoping to help you mend.


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