16 Aug

Something to share with the loving pair
The love of a baby small
And a welcome too, to the baby new
Best wishes to you all


The day has come, it’s finally here
You just put it down to fate
Forty weeks have come and gone
And not a day too late


Well, that’s great, what wonderful news
Your baby’s finally arrived
I’ll check with you in a week or two
To see if you have survived


In soft embrace of midnight bright
A newborn babe enters the world of light
Tiny fingers, and tiny toes,
A tender soul where dreams will grow.

Cradled in warmth, a love anew,
Eyes that sparkle with shades of blue.
Innocence pure, a spirit untamed,
Life's canvas blank, yet richly framed.

Each sweet breath a whisper of wonder
A symphony of life, a bond that won't sunder.
Dreams yet unknown, glimpses of the future
In this precious child, love's seeds to nurture .

A miracle born from night and day,
A tiny soul finding its own way.
Hearts unite in this new beginning
A gift of love, so bright, always shining.


In a manger so crude
In his mother’s arms, softly curled
His mission ahead
He was born to save this world

But for now
He was quietly sleeping
Beneath swaddling clothes
Eyes gently peeping


Newly born
A gift from above
Sent to you both
Cradled with love

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