19 Nov

In the North Pole, there arose a clatter,

Santa slipped on ice, his presents all-a-scatter

The elves didn’t worry they said it didn’t matter ,

Now Mrs. Claus must make Christmas swagger.

With a bandaged knee and not feeling jolly ,

Santa's recovery was tracking so poorly

His doctor said to venture out would be folly,

Mrs. Claus must share the ivy and the holly.

She hitches the reindeer, checks her list twice,

No need for worry, she's got this, how nice!

Through chimneys she'll squeeze, like a festive spice,

Santa's in bed, sipping cocoa, his knee on ice.

So, Merry Christmas to all, don't you fret,

Santa's healing, but Mrs. Claus is set.

A jolly delivery, there's no need to bet,

She's the new star of this Christmas duet!

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