16 Aug

God never said, as far as I’m aware
You have to be a Christian or a Jew
If you want to go to heaven
There’s one thing you’ve got to do

Believe in Christ asking for forgiveness
For in heaven you have an advocate
And with sincere prayer
You’ll have a holy appellate.


Sometimes Christians become too insular
Forgetting their life’s mission
Preaching only to the converted
And to the others only wishing

Wishing that they would convert
But they were don’t need conversion
And sometimes because of this
They develop an aversion

So in everything you do
In thought, word and deed
Seek the Lord’s will through prayer
And he will deliver everything you need

So work among the many
And always show God’s love
And there will be a place for you at God’s table
In heaven above.

Love the Lord with all your heart and soul
Seeking his forgiveness and when the bell tolls
And he will redeem your life from whence it was stolen.


Love the Lord your God with all your will
And in the end he will wipe clean your bill
For he is your advocate and redeemer still.


Many years I’ve lied
And many years I’ve denied
Many years I’ve deserved to die
And yet many years I felt you cry

Many years I’ve gone astray
And many years I’ve lost my way
Many years I’ve deserved to pay
And yet many years you wiped my slate away

Now, I’ve finally come to my senses
Now, there’ll be no more pretences
Now, there’ll be no more final sentences
Now, you’ve broken down all the deceitful fences.

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