16 Aug

Christmas is here again and it’s time to remember
That 25th day of December

It’s not just about jolly old Santa
Or any snappy banter

But about kindness and love

Not presents and similar stuff

So, this Christmas remember to send
Your love and best wishes hoping to mend

The broken, downtrodden and lost
With Christmas cheer, whatever the cost

In a North Pole cottage snug,
Santa sipped his cocoa from a mug.
His belly wobbled like a bowl full of jelly,
As he laughed at the elves acting quite silly.

One tripped on tinsel, oh what a sight,
Another got tangled in twinkling lights.
Imin and Tata did a silly dance,
While still, two more did a reindeer prance

Rudolph was flashing his nose with glee,
But got tangled in tape, as you can see.
Mrs. Claus was baking up a feast,
Her Christmas cookies were such a treat!

So as the North Pole bustled with holiday cheer,
Santa chuckled, "It's the funniest time of year!"
With laughter ringing, spirits so bright,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a silly night!


We have been helping with the cake.
(By licking out the pan)
We’ve also wrapped our presents up
As neatly as we can

We’ve hung our Christmas stockings up
Over by the mantle
Now, there’s nothing left to do
Except to wait for Santa


If Santa comes but once a year
What does he do with his time
If he only works one day
Is it really such a crime

After all delivering presents to everyone
Really takes it out of you, you see
And you need some time to rest
So hibernation is what is left for he.

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