16 Aug

In shadows deep, where sunlight hides,
A gloomy cloud within abides,
But fear not, friend, for laughter's cure,
Shall bring the sun to hearts demure.

With coffee mugs and sleepy eyes,
Depression's spell, we'll swiftly guise,
We'll dance like penguins, all askew,
And chase away those shades of blue.

A merry band, we'll form a pact,
To battle blues with jokes intact,
We'll tickle troubles, make them flee,
With puns and jests, we shall be free!

So when the weight of life's a frown,
Let's flip it upside, shake it down,
With humour as our steadfast guide,
Depression's power, we'll deride!


I awaken early to another day
Stealing myself to a coffee haze
Another day seeking intercession
Another day of deep depression

All around it seems so grey
And I can’t seem to find my way
But yet when all seems lost and blue
I know I can rely on you

You’re always there to lend a hand
You always seem to understand
In the darkness I can’t hide
You’re always there to be my guide

Thank you doesn’t begin to explain
How you’ve saved me from the rain
And yet that’s the only words I can summon
So I open the door and let you come in.


A life is long and a day so short
A new one can’t be bought

Remember this when life’s bereft
Of feeling and you need a lift
It won’t always be this grey
Steal yourself for another day

Depression doesn’t last forever and must have a finite end
While your love will last forever when you’re broken soul will mend


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