17 Aug

Divorce proceedings take their part,
In a courtroom, laughter starts,
Once joined in love, now asunder,
With witty quips, they mend their blunder.

Lawyers' banter, sharp and sly,
Divorce decree, a final high,
Assets split, they both share
A twist on heartbreak a comical flair.

Friends and family gather 'round,
Smiles and chuckles, love unbound,
For though their paths now diverge,
Laughter heals the pain they purge.

In jest they part, a final jest,
Divorce as comedy, they attest,
Through humour’s lens, they find release,
A tale of split hearts, told with peace


Not as it once was
But it is as it should
They couldn’t get on
So they’ve split up for good

Nothing to do
But their assets to split
Who gets the house
What about the kids

They’ll find they’ll get on better
When they’re apart
One beginning over
And a new one about to start


‘Love' lasts forever
But divorce is so final
Yet there is no point carrying on
When that love becomes a trial


You got married
For better or worse
But how were you to know
It would become a curse

You got married
For sickness and health
But the doubts crept up
With unbound stealth

You got married
For good and bad
But the feelings of latter days
Has just left you sad

So now it’s difficult
And so you must part
Seeking a new beginning
Seeking a new start

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