17 Aug

In fields of green, where bunnies play,
The Easter Bunny plies his trade,
But unlike Santa who puts his toys in a sack,
These chocolate treats are hard to track.

The Easter bunny, with a sneaky grin,
Hides eggs outside and within,
But, even if the rules we bend
We’ll find those eggs before the end.

A colourful delight, jellybean trails,
Lead us on, a sweet fragrance assails,
Rocky Road choc with peppermint taste,
Bring pleasure to all who gather with haste.

So crack those eggs, with glee and glee,
A laughter-filled Easter, for you and me,
With baskets brimming, and hearts so light,
May your day be joyful, from morning to night!


Easter comes around each year
Based on the phases of the moon
And so it won’t be long
You’ll be eating chocolate soon


Christ has died,
Alone on the cross, he did it for you and me
Christ is risen,
Your sins absolved, he’s set you free


Look out for the Easter Bunny
For he’s coming your way
And in his wicked mind
He has some crazy games to play

A basket full of eggs
Not a sack full of toys
For all the good.
Girls and boys

But how will he hand them out
How will he distribute
These chocolate eggs
With colourful attributes

Will he do it willingly
Or will they be hidden
For the children to seek
Unrequested and unbidden

Either way, I’m sure they'll have fun
Eating bunnies and chick
For as everyone knows
Easter chocolate won’t make you sick.

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