18 Aug

In love’s wild adventure they’re making a stand
Facing the future together, hand in hand
He’d popped the question, she’d answered with a tear
Now for their wedding she’d planned for many a year

With a ring on her finger and a spring in his step
Into the great unknown they had leapt
Deep in their hearts the joybells were ringing
And everywhere they went, it seemed choirs were singing.

The families all gathered to express their joy
Sharing the love of this girl and boy.
Soon they’ll be joined, becoming one
Into the future, hand in hand they will run

So here's to the couple, so full of delight,
Embarking on this journey, with all of their might.
May laughter and love be their lifelong refrain,
As they step into marriage, like sunshine after rain.


There are two types of couples.
The first type is the couple who fights and argues after getting engaged.
The second type… is yet to be discovered.


Congratulations to the happy couple
We hope you will always find
The love you have right now
Will always be on your mind

The love you share
Is an extra special bond
As for each other
You are especially fond.


A woman takes a husband

And a man takes a wife
Together they agree to be
Sentenced for life.

They put on matching ball and chain
And share an isolation cell
It won’t be long before they’re joined
By a mob of little gangsters As Well

So may God bless the bride and groom
May the punishment fit the crime
May you always remain happy together
As you’re busy doing your time.


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