16 Aug

To My Daddy,
You’re so special
So brave and strong and smart
That’s why I love you so
With all my little heart,


Because you are so sweet
I've made this impression
Of my tiny little feet.

So when you’re old and grey
And I’ve long left home
You’ll remember when I was small
With this little poem


One day I’ll be big
One day I’ll be strong
One day I’ll be brave
One day I’ll belong

Until that day,
I know you’re strong
I know you’re there
I know you’re brave
I know you care.


As a little boy I looked up to you
You kept me safe, you kept me fed
You helped me say my prayers
When I went to bed

Now that I’m all grown up
And I’ve moved so far away
I hardly see you anymore
But in my heart you’ll stay


So far away, where duty calls,
A soldier stands, brave and tall.
Though oceans vast may keep you apart,
Love's light shines bright, a father’s heart.

Through years of challenge and fields unknown,
His courage and strength, like seeds, are sown.
A father's love transcends the miles,
Guiding with warmth, through all life's trials.

Each letter sent, a cherished note
A bond unbreakable, with everything he wrote
In distant lands, he stands with pride,
A father’s heart, by love's side.

So let your words in letters soar,
Across the world, to foreign shore.
A father's love, a steadfast guide,
In every moment, by your side.

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