16 Aug

I hope in heaven
God has a special day
For all the fallen father’s
Who have sadly passed away

For though you’re no longer with me
I think of you every passing day
Always in my memory
And in my heart you’ll stay

You always were content
To forever hold my hand
Long into adulthood
And when I started to stand

You never said you were leaving
You never said goodbye
Then one day you left me
And God only knows why


Even though you’re gone
You’re still in my heart, still in my soul
I try to live by your example
And the virtues you extolled

And now you’re no longer with me
I can still feel you near
Your presence all around me
And the love I held so dear

Father, it’s been a little cooler
Every day since you’ve been gone
But every day’s a little closer
For this, your wayward son

So as I move on further
And my life nears the end
I know you’ll be waiting for me
So my love to you I send


My father dear father
You know I love you still
Though you’re pushing up daisies
Now buried on a hill

And when it finally came
To lay your burden down
I know you didn’t make a fuss
Or even make a a sound

Now, even though I miss you
I still can feel you near
In the shadows I can see you
In the wind your voice I hear

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