18 Aug

In this world of chaos, world of sorrows,
Two friends united, laughter flows
Jokes and pranks our constant mete,
An hilarious flow, no mean feat.

Through thick and thin we stand obsessed
With laughter and fun, we often jest
A friendship like ours, a comedy show,
Where punchlines and giggles forever grow.

We were always one to challenge the rules
But to all outside we just seemed like fools
A bond that’s built on laughter’s strong wire
A bond from which we never tire

So here's to us, the dynamic pair,
With laughter as our constant affair.
Spending each day from the moment we woke
Searching and dreaming of the ultimate joke


Two friends united we stand as one
Seeking out the friendship, seeking out the fun
Always close, though we’re apart
Friends forever, friends from the start

Thank you for being my friend.


Friends are the family you wished you had.
Building you up when you feel sad.
Scolding you often, but only in jest
Filling your life with a little bit of zest.


Thank you, my friend,
For being there for me
For opening up my eyes
And helping me to see.

Thank you, my friend
For helping me to steel
Me away from all life’s difficulties
And helping me to feel

Thank you my friend
For always being there
Through all life’s difficulties
And helping me to care

Thank you my friend.


Friends come and friends go
But you were always there for me in the end
Throughout these past forty years
You’re more of a sister than a friend

And when we found
The World united and against me conspired
You fought along side me
You never tired.

Thank You My Friend

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