18 Aug

My mother can’t bake cookies
She also can’t cook cakes
And every time she does
She always makes mistakes

She tried to cook a chocolate cake
And she thought it was a hit
But when she put the frosting on
The cake just up and split

She tried to cook some cookies
And filled it with chocolate bits
But she set the temp. too high
And ended up like charcoal pits.

You know I love my mother
Though she sure can’t cook cake
I am just so grateful
She takes me out for chocolate shake


I went to see the moon today
I also swam the sea
Stopping for lunch I shared with God
And the Holy Trinity

After a long and provoking lunch
They finally said to me
You know my boy you're wasting your life
Just put your trust in me

But my counsellor said that I was high
No matter how I feel
But I don't care what she said
Because I know it was real

Since that day I've picked up my cross
And followed the Christian walk
Preaching to all who care to listen
I follow with deeds and talk


In a house of laughter of pranks and jokes,
Where quirks and antics from a dream awoke.
Funny family, hearts entwined,
Practical jokes of every kind.

Dad's silly hats, a goofy flair,
Mum's witty jokes, beyond compare.
Children’s pranks keep you on your toes
In this circus of fun, where love just grows

Grandma's tales, with humour spun,
Uncle's impressions, second to none.
A tapestry of humour, woven strong,
Funny family, where we all belong.

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