18 Aug

In bed you lie, a cold has caught hold of you,
But is it the dreaded lurgi, or winter flu
So rest, my friend, for soon you'll find,
Your health restored, your spirits aligned.

With tissues stacked and thermometer high,
You're tackling germs, you said with a sigh.
But remember, rest and fluid’s the best cure,
So stay in bed and rest, that's for sure!

Chicken soup and meds in a row,
Your recovery’s all down to a swallow
In no time, you'll be back on your feet,
Dancing to a healthy heartbeat!

So relax, drink , and take it slow,
Soon you'll be laughing, don’t you know
Get well soon, and you’ll find within,
We'll celebrate your victory over the germ's sin!


I heard you’re laid up, not feeling well
What can I do and how can I help
I’m always happy to help your recovery, too
There are many practical things I can do

Like chicken noodle soup and refreshing teas.
Handing you your puffer if you start to wheeze
I can be very handy sorting out your meds
Or helping to refresh your bed.

So relax and take it slow
Soon you’ll be better, let your patience flow
And as a result of my giving
You’ll soon return to the land of the living.


Sniffles, coughs, temperatures and sneezes
When training it can be really tough
But at least you’re not pooping when you run
Because that would be really rough.

Get Well Soon


Get Well soon,
Three little words don’t seem to say enough
Especially when things get rough
When you’re unwell and doing it tough
And you’re going through all kinds of stuff

Get Well soon
You say it and you mean it, sincerely
And you point it out quite clearly
Because you love him dearly
And he’s suffering severely

Get Well soon
And soon you’ll be right on track
You’ll get off of your back
Right out of the sack
Your cue back in the rack

Get Well soon

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