19 Aug

I thought I’d die when you left
A heart so broken, so bereft
My faith in you, so misplaced
A love like ours can’t be replaced

I thought our love was strong and true
How was I to know you didn’t feel it too
So when you left it caught me by surprise
I cried so much I couldn’t dry my eyes

But I know somehow it won’t be the end
I just need time for my broken heart to mend
And then one day deep in the future
A new love, my broken heart sutured


I once did roam in love's pure realm
Hand in hand, two hearts at the helm
I thought our love would last forever
And that you would leave me never

But then we turned that corner in life
In my heart you stabbed me with a knife
Thrusting it deep and breaking it in two
I knew we were over through and through

Leaving me, paying no mind to the present
Leaving me with just our love to resent
Seeing no future, dwelling on the past
Unsure of how long this feeling will last.


And now you’re gone
The clouds block out the sun
I wish I’d been more alert
Now you’ve left me alone and hurt


My heart is dead, in two it’s broke
Been that way, since the words you spoke
Thought it a dream, from a nightmare I woke
All my night clothes to the skin I soak
From me, your new love, you did cloak
I thought I would die, I thought I’d croak


It’s over at last you’re out of my life
Our life together a two-edged knife
Some of the time, wonderful fun
But too much of late, it blocked out the sun

Now that you’re gone I feel relieved
It’s better this way you better believe
And as for you, I wish you the best
Starting again on life’s quest

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