19 Aug

Our love is like a rollercoaster ride
One day we’re up, the next we’re down
But we take it all in our stride
Always smiling, never a frown


Love is so delicate it’s true
Giving us butterflies in the belly
And I talk to you
On the phone over late night telly


Love is an adventure
So wild and free
And it hasn’t been the same
Since you hitched yourself to me

When you came
You came to me unbidden
I just didn’t see
The love that was hidden

And now together
The joy bells are ringing
Deep in our hearts
Love’s choirs are singing


They say that love is forever
And love is often blind
But I went in eyes wide open
Though I didn’t expect to find

A love so all encompassing
It took my breath away
It didn’t need much effort
For my heart to sway

And now we’ve found each other
And we’re finally together
We’re stuck with each other
Our love will last forever.


In love's wild dance,
Our hearts take flight,
A symphony of laughter,
Day and night!


Lovers of the world unite
Come out and dance
Come out and fight
Come take a chance

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