20 Aug

Since you’ve been gone

I miss you like a night without dawn
Or waking to no coffee in the morn.
My heart’s silent, my mind so unclear
I’m just so lonely, Lord I wish you were here.

Your absence is like Wi-Fi in a remote town,
I'm disconnected, feeling quite down.
I trawl your Facebook page trying to get some hint of you
Come back soon, my friend, I'm feeling so blue!

Like an SMS without a meme or a millennial without a phone,
I'm incomplete when I'm all alone.
Without your jokes and your smile so bright,
Life's a bit dull, day and night.

So hurry back, my dear, please come back
My life's a misery, I’m on the wrong track
I miss you more than words can construe,
Let's reunite soon, and help me to mend too.


You couldn’t live with me, I couldn’t live without
Somehow we had to compromise
How was I to know the solution
Would bring tears to my eyes.


You went away, you wanted to begin again
I stayed here trying to pick up the pieces of my life
A life so fickle and torn
That life a double edged knife


Since you’ve been gone, without you in my world
My life’s been difficult, it’s been so absurd
Like a lost sock in the laundry’s great fray
I wish you’d find your way back to me today

You’re the Yang to my Yin, you know it’s true
My life’s like a circus without a clown or two
I miss your laughter and contagious smile
Now that you haven’t been here in quite a while.

So hurry back, dear friend, don’t delay
Because I couldn’t stand another day
Without you in my life, it’s true
My life’s so empty without you.


Like the moon affecting the tides of the sea
You gaze on down and draw you near to me
But since you’ve been gone it’s nothing but a distant memory
Like a song from the past, you can’t remember the words or the melody

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