21 Aug

In sympathy for loss, we weep and sigh,
With heavy hearts and tearful eye,
But sometimes humour’s the best reply,
To cope with loss, we'll give it a try.

At funerals, we wear our black attire,
And speak in hushed tones, to quell the mire,
But once the eulogies start to tire,
Someone's stomach growls, like a hungry choir!

We reminisce about the days gone by,
Sharing tales of the one who said goodbye,
Yet sometimes, it's laughter, not a cry,
That eases pain and helps hearts to fly.

In sympathy for loss, we may feel blue,
But humour helps us see it through,
For life's a mix of joy and rue,
And laughter can heal, that much is true.


As I sit upon my cloud and look down on the world
I see how my friends and family have all my goods unfurled
I’m not perturbed but overjoyed, letting out a laugh so hearty
As I hear them exclaim quite loud, “The bugger’s dead, let’s have a party"


My best friend has gone away,
And all we wanted, one more day,
To say the things we had to say,
Like it’s your round, or you can pay!

My best friend was always there
With a very unassuming air
He always knew how to care
From the tip of his toe to his mullet hair

My best friend was like no other,
Like a winy, pesky little brother,
And at times just like my protective mother,
But one who always gave me cover.


And now she’s gone and up to God
But He’ll say, “My, that’s very odd
Because you’re not due here yet.
But I suppose my quotas must be met.

For every death, I always give a life
And if I want to keep out of trouble and strife
I’ll open the gates and let you in,
Because I can see you’re free of sin"

And so the story goes, she’s in heaven now
Not somewhere down below
So raise your glass, let’s salute our friend
On her way, her soul we’ll send

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