23 Aug

I hope you will find the time
To come and wine and dine
And gradually realign your mind
And be my Valentine


In February, prepare for a special day,
And then your know just what to say
With hearts and roses, chocolates, too,
Here's a poem, just for you!

Roses red and violets blue,
Cupid's arrow, it flew askew!
Hit the cat, not my crush,
Now the cat’s on heat and such!

Oh, so sweet, Chocolate hearts,
But they caused my pants to part
And my valentine's date should’ve been my deliverance
But to a troll she had a strange resemblance.

So here's to love, both sweet and cheesy,
Valentine's Day can be quite easy.
Just remember, it's all in fun,
Laugh and love, until the day is done!


On Valentine’s day you always spread good cheer
But I hope you find your valentine this year


Every year, this holiday , you observe it
I hope you find your valentine, you deserve it.


Roses are red, violets are blue
Cinderella is limping since she lost a shoe
All around the village it caused quite a stir
Now that Prince Charming is searching for her
Without a love your days can be blue
So there’s only one thing that you can do
That’s to help Prince Charming, for you, to find
And then you’ll have a new Valentine.


Valentines come and valentines go
Leaving gifts of chocolates and rose
Both being more reliable than the giver
Another year to seek out Cupid and his quiver

A new love is waiting just around the bend
One you can love ‘til the very end
What’s that you say,now, don’t be stupid
You know you can’t fall in love with Cupid

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