23 Aug

To the happy couple so joyous, so bold
May your love never tire, never grow old
And now that you’re married, you’ve a ring on your finger
We wish that your lover never wanders, but always lingers

May your love be as sturdy as your cake’s bottom tier
Growing in strength to strength, year after year.
But if you find that with time your love starts to tire
Trust in each other to rekindle the fire

And as you go through life, hand in hand
Have faith and try to understand
That when life throws up challenges, as surely it will
Let your love for each other help you up the hill

Now the ceremony's over, it's time for some fun,
Eat, drink, and be merry, 'til the setting of the sun.
With family and friends, you'll celebrate right,
So here's to a wedding that's pure dynamite!


“In sickness and in health, for richer or poor"
These are the oaths, today, you swore
Forsaking all others never wanting more
And when arguments ensue never keeping score
May your love story be one of many a lore
So as you go on your path be excited by what’s in store


Congratulations and some advice I’ll impart
Don’t shop at IKEA if you are real smart
Because building furniture often leads to arguments
When all you have is an allen key and Swedish documents.


To the Bride and Groom

Be clear, don’t mumble
Stand tall, don’t crumble
Now that you’re married be ready to rumble
Be surebooted in life, never stumble
Hold tight to each other never tumble
Don’t be too proud, be always humble
Accept your lot in life never humble
Keep your eyes on the prize, never fumble


May your marriage be filled with love and laughter
And may you both have a “Happy ever after “


To the happy couple

May your love always reflect in your eyes
And permanently be fixed on the prize

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