Basketball Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before basketball and down at the Target Center
Was a young Wolves fan just waiting to enter

The custodians were busy sweeping the floors
When one saw the figure huddled by the doors

“What are you doing here? You gave me a fright
The games don’t start until tomorrow night!”

“I’ve got basketball fever, I just can’t wait.”
The young fan explained, “I didn’t want to be late.”

Then he told of his devotion to the Wolves of Minnesota
And how he yearned to see the players complete their quota

With all the pride and excitement he c could foster
He told of the new 2023 roster.

Anthony Edwards and Rudi Gobert
The KAT and d'angello a formidable pair

Jayden McDaniels and center Naz Reid
Who else would they need

But don’t listen to the trolls and wowsers
They’re not scoring many baskets but building lots of houses

The players were resting at home in their beds.
While thoughts of play offs danced in their heads.

The cheerleaders dreamed of leading the fans
And doing their cheers with their spray on tans

Expectations were high for the season-long journey
Which began for 15 teams at the West Conference tourney.

As Chris Finch bid farewell to his beloved spouse
“It’ll be at least four months before I’m back in the house!”

“I can’t wait for the fast breaks and the full-court press,
“The jump balls, the rebounds and all of the rest.

“For many of the teams are greatly improved...”
Though he saw his behaviour was not approved.

Then the fan yawned, for it had been a long day
And he’d want to be alert when he watched the teams play.

But before he nodded off, he said out of the box
They maybe quite talented but they’re as dumb as rocks