Some Assembly Required  Night before Christmas

So many nights before Xmas and all through the house
We put toys together, me and my spouse

At times we were keen and so inspired
Even when some assembly was required

So many gifts we were spoiled by choice
Working late at night we had to lower our voice

We’d open the boxes and tip it all out
And study the plans and schematic layout

There were bikes, trampoline even a swing
Putting together while the Carols did sing

So confused by it all we nearly wept
Trying to assemble while the children just slept

It was nearly impossible and if you thought IKEA was hard
There were bits and pieces all over yard

The swing was difficult but we did it topnotch
Assembling it together while the neighbours did watch

We had no time for rest we’d work through the night
Drinking cold cups of coffee til Christmas first light

Then only then when we were finally done
We’d shade our eyes from the rising of the sun

But we’d finally finish no parts had been left
Though tired and aching our hands had been deft

Assembling the toys we were finally ready
One more cup of coffee to help us get steady

The children would wake with the coming of the dawn
To see their presents each Christmas morn

Bleary-eyed and yawning we’d happily greet them
Like Jesus that first Christmas in Bethlehem

So happy and relieved that Santa had been
And telling tall tales of what reindeer they’d seen

Santa’d been busy they were oblivious to it all
Delivering presents some large and some small

Opening their presents the paper they’d devour
While hiding in the corner us parents would cower.

Present by present they just couldn’t wait
Like a bipolar person in a manic state

Finally, at last they’d get to the toys we’d assembled
Like the picture on the box they only slightly resembled

They’d have so much fun but we were deluded
When the kids came and told us that ‘batteries were not included ‘