Chemo Night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas in the oncology ward
Where the names were all written on the nursing white board

They’d been in the hospital since they had their diagnosis
Leukemia, lymphoma, brain cancer not a good prognosis

But tomorrow was Christmas a day to have off
Not a day for any treatment, at their illness to scoff

Too ill to go home, It was too hard to sleep
While monitors flash and alarms buzz and beep

It’s Christmas said Daniel quietly to the nurse
How about a Carol or maybe some verse

But Santa is coming , the nurse brightly said
He’ll not find you if you’re not asleep in your bed

So Lucas and Erin left out cocoa and cookies
While Hannah dreamt of weddings and Kyle dreamt of wookies

So the patients all drifted off one by one
While the nurses were busy much work to be done

Then around midnight there arose such a clatter
The nurse sprang to the window to see what was the matter

But what to her wondering eyes should appear
But a tiny sleigh and eight tiny reindeer

A face in the door camera suddenly peered
An old man with presents was straightening his beard

Can you let me in I’m Santa you see
And I’ve presents for all the patients from me

I don’t care if you’re Santa, the nurse gave him the facts
You can’t come in unless your double vaxed

Well, Santa’s as savvy as he is jolly and fat
I don’t have a certificate but I’ve got a negative RAT

So she said that’s ok come on inside
And I’ll show a great place for the presents to hide.

I’ve got presents for Gail Alan and Bret
Presents that are appropriate, scarves, wigs and hats.

I’ve also got something for Daniel Robyn, and Grandma
Warm woollen beanies, maxolon and ginger

So Santa hid the presents in the place set aside
Then he readied himself to continue his ride

As dawn was breaking he ducked out of sight
With one final message, merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight