Gaming Night Before Christmas

Twas a gaming night before Christmas in the Xbox land
I were clicking away with their joysticks in hand

Controllers were held tightly and buttons pressed with care
Trying to respawn but the enemy was there

While others were nestled all snug in their beds
I was fighting zombies joyously blowing off their heads

Battling with demons leaving bodies in a heap
When the world is at stake how can you sleep.

Online I was fighting on RDR2
While others were playing Call of Duty too.

Out of myLogitech speakers there comes bone crunching clatter
I sprung from my chair, it really does matter

But time was tight no time for goodbye or hello
I was busy playing Destiny and Halo.

The moon shines down beams of light, on perfect HDR snow
Giving me dynamic colours as I head toward objects aglow.

When out of my phone there arouse such a clatter,
I checked on my messages to see what was the matter,

My phone was blowing up, I was blinded by the flash,
I fell on the floor and got a small gash,

And then it got quiet, as the lobby filled with new players,
max prestige, level 89... I feared they may be slayers,

As I spawned in and was turning around,
my raging friend was hitting the ground.

While wandering open world’s, new heroes will appear
Yes time to level up and earn some legendary gear

To be a gamer at Christmas is a truly magical thing
Looking for quests to take on and key items to bring

Just one more game I said as the hours tick away
When the dawn starts to break they call it a day

I finally get into bed on this Christmas night
Dreaming of what Santa will bring, what new games to excite

So time to say thank you to Santa and his crew
That’s enough of this rhyming I’ve got some more gaming to do.