Online Shopping Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the month before Christmas and there was no snappy banter
Robyn was in a whirl because she hadn’t done secret Santa

She’d had grand plans of getting it in early
But now her plans were dashed she was getting quite surly

There were pillows, lamps and griddle to be sought
Even if given , extras would still need to be bought

And so at last the secret Santa was finished
The shopping for the family was still not diminished

The weeks had slipped by her ,her time she had squandered,
The pressure now on, she surfed and she pondered,

She needed some presents, and needed them quick,
Else she'd look like the Grinch instead of St. Nick.

Her brain getting soggy her hopes getting dim,
It looked like the Grinches were going to win,

When what to her wandering cursor appeared,
But the mother of all Web sites! (She let out a cheer!)

There were gifts of all sizes and shapes there before
And with a click of her mouse, she opened the door.

On Amazon! On Bunnings ! On Target she adores.
On Barnes and on Noble! On E-Bay and more!

She strolled through the aisles and virtual shelves,
Gifts flew to her shopping cart as if placed there by elves.

Every present she could imagine was there at her touch
(And maybe she ordered just a little too much.)

Then she moved to the checkout, she was now feeling fine,
Isn't this wonderful? No standing in line!

She got them all shipped before it was too late.
Overnighted to her! (Ain't Australia Post great?)

The presents now ordered, my credit card maxed
She can sip on some eggnog, and try to relax.

And wait until January comes, with its bills out of sight
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good midnight.