Secret Santa Night Before Christmas

'Twas two months before Christmas and Santa was getting ready
But at his age and size he was a little unsteady

But Santa wasn’t well, he was laid up in bed
His cheeks were glowing, his nose was red

He couldn’t speak, his throat was hoarse
All he could do was communicate by morse

He’d caught it from an errant elf, he was livid
He’d finally caught the dreaded covid

Mrs Claus was applying ice round his head.
And popped him paracetomol propped up in bed
"No, dear," said she, "You must stay till you're well."
"What about Christmas?!" I rang like a bell!

If I can’t deliver presents he said with a yelp
I’m going to need some extra special help

Santa spread the word without his usual banter
He was unwell and would nèed some Secret Santa’s

Gail heeded the call, I’ll do as you ask
Though I know it’s an incredible task

So she set to work and made an invitation
Emailed it to the family with great expectation

Nominate three presents at a price of 60 dollars max
Now get your replies in don’t be lax

Then she waited for the responses to come in
And then hard work was to begin

All day and all night at the computer she’d tap
Finally at midnight she took a nap

Who should she match or do it at random
After all nobody wants Adam

Finally, It was done and dusted for another year
Another year finished another year clear

Nothing left but to worry about Santa’s plight
So happy Christmas to all and to all a goodnight