The Beatles Night Before Christmas

‘Twas A Hard Days Night before Yule
But things weren’t as it seems in Old Liverpool

Yes, Mr Moonlight had come and fled.
The fans were lying awake in their beds,

For the boys were on a journey, A Magical Mystery Tour
Without saying Hello, Goodbye from this talented Fab Four

Travelling all over in this magical psychedelic bus
With John, Paul, George and Ringo and the Walrus

When off in the distance there came a strange noise
— Was Santa arriving at last with their toys?

Those surely weren't sleigh bells they heard from afar,
It sounded like drums — and electric guitars.

Now up in the sky, as the music drew near
Who could we see, who would appear

But the Beatles and into the house they were creeping
While the children all snug in their beds were Only Sleeping

And out from the windows strange voices were in song
Which sung to each child that It Won’t Be Long.

"Now, Maxwell! Now, Martha! Now, Prudence and Pepper!
On, Sun King! On, Sadie! On, Jude and Loretta!"

From house to house the boys would alight
For it was early morn and nearly time to say Goodnight

And visions of psychedelia danced in their heads
With rainbows of dazzling colour instead.

They all had long hair, some had curling moustaches,
And one of the four wore round little glasses.

They carried guitars, except for the one
Who staggered along with a full set of drums.

They spoke not a word, but sang when they had something to say
After all this was Christmas, not just Another Day

And, moving the Christmas tree out of their way,
They plugged in their amps and they started to play.

The room seemed to sparkle with magic and then
That sparkle grew brighter, then brighter again,

And exploded like fireworks, filling the air!
Then the stockings were filled; there were gifts everywhere!
But the four couldn't stay to admire the scene;
They sprang to their bus and were gone like a dream.

But their voices called out, through the trouble and strife
That this was just another Day in the Life